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Clean room
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Cleanroomfix consists of modular metal panels and lacquered nestable movable. These elements can be any height or full glass.

The treatment of the air filter to meet VHE (Very High Efficiency) are provided. The Cleanroomfix rooms are particularly suited to agri-food, pharmaceutical, and nanotechnology.

Cleanrooms Cleanroomfix are being pressure or depression following use.

Descriptif technique

Cloisons et plafonds constitués de panneaux modulaires

Constitution des modules :

2 tôles galvanisées 70/100ième, revêtues de laque polyester RAL 9002 protection polyane

Ame des panneaux : mousse polyuréthane ou laine de roche (option)

Dimensions des modules :

Largeur : 300, 600, 900, 1200 mm
Hauteur : 300, 600 => 5700 mm pour les panneaux largeur 1200 mm
300, 600 => 4500 mm pour les panneaux largeur 300, 600, 900 mm

Assemblage des panneaux de manière rapide et étanche
Revêtement de sol technique selon la norme EN 685
Luminaires affleurant et étanches norme CE
Traitement d’air et filtration (suivant norme ISO 14 644) type CLEANAIR

Filtration System

The air handling and filtration is an essential element of a functioning cleanroom.

The room air is recycled and an external air supply is provided. The air flows vary depending on the desired class. The filtration system is provided according to the classification level required. The air is blown by leveling the top down to ensure decontamination particle.

The air flow may be turbulent or laminar mixed. It is also possible to control pressure, temperature and humidity.